Eternal now playing on YleX, Radio Soi, and Hive Radio UK

Jicode-Eternal feat. Chione will be released on January 12th, 2024!

The collaborative single of Jicode and Chione secured a publishing contract with Slovenian Xclusive Records

Spanish AYN Radio and Flash Radio added Paradise and Madness of the Gods to their playlist 

Polar Night has been added to the playlist of Radio Suomi Södertälje 

You can now listen to Chione's music on Yle Radio Suomi 

The English Itisnow and the Hungarian Zenerulett radio have added Polar Night to their playlists

Polar Night is part of Finnradio's Suomi Soi Top 20 vote, at number 6! Vote by sending 6 to suomisoiaanestys@gmail.com 

Kuhan FM added Polar Night to their playlist, listen!  

On Sunday, 26th of November, Polar Night will be featured on the Scottish Tommy Clark's Sunday Social podcast

The music video for Polar Night is out now! 

Polar Night has been added to the playlist of the English Hive Radio UK. You can also request the song on weekdays from 11am-3pm, weekends from 12pm-2pm, and every night from 1am until 7am 

Polar Night is now added to Radio Soi's playlist 

The music video for Polar Night will be released on November 16th

Pre-save Polar Night to your Spotify library!  

Polar Night will be released on November 10th!

Highway is now on the playlist of the English radio station Hive Radio 

Chione will perform for the winner of the 'Summer Festival at Jokkarilla' competition organized by Radio Karjalainen Syke at Jokiasema on August 18th  

Paradise is part of the FinnRadio FM voting for the Suomi Soi Top 20 list 

Lyric video for Paradise is out now!

Chione will be a guest on Radio Rex's morning show on Monday, March 28th, at 9am

On March 23rd, FinnRadio FM's evening slot will feature new releases, including the presentation of 'Paradise' at 7pm Finnish time

Paradise is also on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist! 

Chione's music will be featured on Radio Helsinki's "Uusi ääni" show on March 22nd 

Read more about the song 'Paradise' on Takahuone.fi  

The single 'Paradise' is out on March 18th, pre-save the song to your Spotify library!

New music will be showcased at Revenge FM on March 13th at 8pm, including songs by Chione. Tune in! 

Lyric video for Madness of the Gods is out now!

Read Chione's interview on risingartistsblog.com 

Madness of the Gods is now playing on Radio Suomi  

Madness of the Gods was the third most played song in November and the most played song in week 47/2021 on the English Hive Radio 

Madness of the Gods" will be released on Friday, August 6th!

Learn more about the single 'Bohemian' and its music video at Takahuone.fi 

Chione's music is now being played on international radio stations including Big City Radio (UK), Hive Radio (UK), Pulse 98.4 (UK), Eagles Nest Radio (USA), Banks Radio (Australia), Mad Wasp Radio (UK), Revenge FM (UK), Belter Radio (UK), Sword Radio (UK), Pop Radio (UK), Shoreditch Radio (UK), Fallen Angel Radio (USA), Non Stop Music Radio (Wales), Warm Radio (UK), Good Music Radio (UK), This is Only Rock Radio (Spain), Bunka Radio (Colombia), Brians rock and roll radio (UK), Charlie Mason Radio (USA), Radio Wigwam, and Amazing Radio (USA) 

Chione's music is featured on Big City Radio's "Me Myself and I" show. You can also listen to the show afterwards here

"Chione's 'Bohemian' is featured on the English Shoreditch Radio's 'Live in London' show. 

"Chione will be on the "Next Up with Tommy Clark" show on Pulse 98.4 on Wednesday at 24:00 (FI)

Bohemian won awards at the Best Shorts Competition (2021) and the Global Music Awards (2022) in the Best Music Video categories, and received an honorable mention at the Independent Shorts Awards in the Best Music Video category, IMDb

UK Independent episode 171. is available for listening afterwards here

Bohemian is being showcased in Jorma Hietamäki's music show on Radio Suomi. Listen to the episode afterwards on Yle Areena

Bohemian is featured in the 'New Music Showcase' section and on the Pop playlist on FinnRadio.FM, Radio Hulabaloo, Radio Suomi.se, and Radio Soi 

You can vote for Bohemian for FinnRadio's Suomi Soi Top 30 list

The single and music video for 'Bohemian' will be released on November 20th, 2020 

Listen to Chione's interview on Yle Radio Suomi regarding the release of the song Highway 

Highway is one of the most played songs on Radio Soi in 2021

You can learn more about the 'Highway' single on the SuomiViihde 

Highway is featured in the 'New Music Showcase' section and on the Pop playlist on FinnRadio.FM, Radio Suomi.se, and Radio Soi  

Highway is part of the FinnRadio.FM voting for the Suomi Soi Top 30 list

Read Chione's interview in Itä-Savo newspaper from July 29th, 2020

Read Chione's interview in the newspaper Karjalainen from July 26th, 2020.

"Highway" will be released on July 17th! 

Read Chione's interview on Takahuone regarding the release of the song Hey You!

Desibeli published a music review of the song Hey You! 

You can read more about the song 'Hey You!' on PressHopper 

Hey You! is out now!

Chione's third single 'Hey You' will be released on February 21st, 2020! 

Singer-songwriter Chione's debut singles 'Uninvited' and 'Light' will be released on August 1st, 2018


14.3.2020 Joensuu Areena

26.3.2020 Joensuu Kerubi

30.4.2020 Pieksämäki Vapputori

9.5.2020 Joensuu Satama

24.7.2020 Joensuu Kulttuuritori

8.8.2020 Joensuu Satama

29.8.2020 Joensuu Rento

20.11.2020 Joensuu Marks

17.12.2020 Joensuu Kerubi

18.6.2021 Imatra Koskenpartaan lava

13.7.2021 Joensuu Kulttuuritori

16.7.2021 Joensuu Rento

17.7.2021 Joensuu Jokiasema

23.7.2021 Lappeenranta Satamatori

23.7.2021 Lappeenranta Hiekkalinna

31.7.2021 Kitee Yksityistilaisuus

13.8.2021 Mikkeli Bar DOM

18.12.2021 Varkaus Yksityistilaisuus

8.1.2022 Lieksa Kolin Ryynänen

12.2.2022 Eno Hutikan baari

26.2.2022 Savonlinna Yksityistilaisuus

18.3.2022 Muurame Ravintola Muurmanni

7.5.2022 Eno Hutikan Baari

14.5.2022 Tampere Pub Carlos

20.5.2022 Mikkeli After Bar

21.5.2022 Juva Bar Ylä

25.5.2022 Vantaa Old Story

4.6.2022 Joensuu Tuulaaki

17.6.2022 Joensuu Rento

24.6.2022 Joensuu Jokiasema

2.7.2022 Lieksa Kolin Ryynänen

9.7.2022 Liperi Saariston Puoti

13.8.2022 Lappeenranta Satamatori

19.8.2022 Joensuu Rento

1.10.2022 Oulainen Tuoppi Pub

8.10.2022 Lahti Ravintola Karanda

5.11.2022 Kuopio Hunter

1.12.2022 Lahti Teerenpeli

10.12.2022 Vantaa Mine Bar

18.2.2023 Joensuu Koivu

4.3.2023 Mikkeli Bar & Bistro Route 431

10.3.2023 Jyväskylä Pub Juoma Korpilahti

11.3.2023 Jyväskylä Ravintola Sherwood

24.3.2023 Raahe Pub Uunilintu

25.3.2023 Raahe Pub Uunilintu

21.4.2023 Jyväskylä Ravintola Ylä-Ruth

28.4.2023 Kerava Oluthuone Paasikivi

5.5.2023 Muurame Ravintola Muurmanni

2.6.2023 Muurame Ravintola Muurmanni

12.7.2023 Vaala Oulujärven Kyläbaari

13.7.2023 Kalajoki Sandy Kelt

14.7.2023 Kalajoki Sandy Kelt

16.7.2023 Joensuu Kesäkahvila Rento

12.8.2023 Joensuu Kuunari Elina

18.8.2023 Joensuu Jokiasema

20.8.2023 Lappeenranta Satamatori

12.1.2024 Savonlinna Yksityistilaisuus

11.2.2024 Lappeenranta Yksityistilaisuus

21.4.2024 Savonlinna Yksityistilaisuus